The Committee Board or Court of Honour is an important part of the Troop’s system. It is a standing committee which, under the guidance of the Scoutmaster, settles the affairs of the Troop, both administrative and disciplinary. It develops in its members self-respect, ideals of freedom coupled with a sense of responsibility and respect for authority, while it gives practice in procedure such as is invaluable to the boys indivi- dually and collectively character training .Through it the Scouts themselves gradually learn that they have considerable say in what their Troop’s Scouting . For that matter it is a real co-operativeeffort. to see that he has some individual responsibility for the good of his Troop.

The Committee Board takes charge of routine matters and the management the Troop . The Court of Honour on the other hand, is composed solely of the Troop co- mmitteeThe Court of Honour, as its name implies, has a rather exceptional mission, such as dealing with cases of discipline and questions of awards.

These Scouts give up their time and energies, and in many cases their money as well, to the work of organising the training of boys, withoutany idea of reward or praise for what they are doing, They do it for the love of their Troop and their kind.

2006/2007 Committee
Troop Leader : Teoh Chai Hong
Assistant Troop Leader :Yim Jian Li