We are the 08th Kinta Scout Troop based in Anderson Secondary School Ipoh , Perak. Established in July 1928. Registered under the regulations of the Malaysian Scout Association as a full group, we have 3 units for Boy Scouts (13-16), Senior Scouts (16-18) and Rover Scouts (17--40). As Anderson School is an all boys school, only students from the school are allowed to join the Group. Students who have complete their term as Senior Scouts are automatically enlisted to join the Rover unit and continue to contribute towards the troop . Nearly 99% of all Scout Troops in Malaysia are a school based scout group.

Official Scout meetings are every week on Saturday 830am until 1200pm although some times emergency meetings are called after school if there are important announcement that have to be made or footdrills/skill training that needs to be done. Patrol leaders also often call their patrol members down on weekdays after school for some internal patrol activities also known as patrol corners. During weekly meetings, various activities are carried out. Troop members are taught Orienteering, Marching , First Aid , Survival Skills ,Tracking, Pioneering Projects , Rope Climbing , Knot Tying ,Scout Craft , Proficiency Badges Scheme and many more challenging activities. While this is an integral part of being a Boy Scout, scouting also involves more than the basic activities usually associated with the program . At the 08th Kinta Scout Troop, programs also includes both adventure and work, with emphasis on growth and advancement in all phases of character building, citizenship, acceptance of responsibility, planning, execution, and evaluation.

The troop has always been operating along the same principles and guidelines throughout the years and we always strive to achieve the very best in our every endeavour. Our reputation as a reliable , dedicated and disciplined troop has never been doubted. During meetings and outdoor activities, The troop strive to maintain the highest possible standards and discipline among it’s members. It is our fervent wish that the Troop will continue to lead in terms of scouting spirit and leadership qualities as we grow from strengh to strengh.



The first scout troop of Anderson School was the 5th Ipoh Troop which was formed on the 10th of July, 1928. Mr. D. Caleb was the’guardian.’ Mr. Narain Singh organised the 10th Ipoh in July, 1932. The 2nd North Ipoh Pack was formed in February, 1936. The Scouters were C. M. Narain Singh and A.C. M. Chin Ah Ngan. This Pack was attached to the 10th Ipoh in January, 1940. The 12th Ipoh, the third scout troop, was registered on 18th January, 1938, under the charge of Mr. L. I. Lewis. This troop was formed because a lot of boys were anxious to join the scouts especially from the cub pack. The 5th Ipoh Pack was started in 1940 with Miss A. Navaregnam as Cubmistress and Miss M. La Brooy as Assistant Cubmistress. In November, 1941, there were 3 Groups the 5th, 10th, and 12th, with 3 scout troops and 2 cub packs. When the school reopen in September , 1945. The pre-wars groups were reorganised. Mr, Neoh Thean Chye.formed the 5th Ipoh Senior troop in January , 1949 to cater for the needs of the older scouts of the three scout troops , The senior troop was converted into an air scout troop in 1951 , but in the following year it was registered on 26th May , 1956 as the 18th North Ipoh troop . In May 1956 ,there were 4 groups with 1 cub pack , 4 scout troops and a senior troop. There were 14 scouters , 19 cubs , 127 scouts and 21 senior scouts . In January , 1957 , the 3rd North Ipoh (Formerly the 5th Ipoh) , the 6th North Ipoh (Formerly 12th Ipoh) and the 18th North Ipoh were merged in to the 8th Ipoh Troop which later came to be known as The 08th Kinta Scout Troop.