The Scout Promise (or Oath) is to carry out, on his honour, as far as in him lies,and the Scout Law is our binding disciplinary force, and with ninety-nine out of a hundred it pays. The boy is not governed by DON'T, but is led on by DO. The Scout Law is devised as a guide to his actions rather than as repressive of his faults. It merely states what is good form and expected of a Scout. The Scout Law and Promise is truly the foundation on which the whole of Scout training rests.



    On my honour I promise I will do my best , to do my duty
               To God , King , Country
               To help people at all times
               And to obey the Scout Laws



    A scout's honour is to be trusted
    A scout is loyal
    A scout's duty is to be useful and to help others
    A scout is a friend to all and a brother to every scouts
    A scout is courteous
    A scout is a friend to all animals
    A scout obey orders
    A scout smile and sing under all difficulties
    A scout is thrifty
    A scout is pure in word, thought and deed